A Spirited Game

A spirited game of football, carried out in wooden matches cut in lengths and gummed together in striking attitudes, is also illustrated. The men of one side have red heads, hands, and feet, while those of the other side are blue. These are first painted thickly in white paint and subsequently coloured. The goal is formed of matches, and the pavilion of red and white paper. The football is merely a wooden bead cut in half. Green art linen, mounted on cardboard (in the manner described on page 3589, Vol. 5), makes a very efficient field. A metal matchholder, painted red and green, occupies the right-hand corner, and red ribbons suspend the whole.

"The Match of the Season"

Another design illustrated depicts a scene in which a footballer, made of safety matches and dressed in an appropriate costume of red and white paper, is actively engaged in the pursuit of the game. The goal-posts are also made of matches, cut to the required size and gummed in place upon a background of dark blue cardboard. A neat little red and white pavilion with sandpaper roof, stands on a plateau of sandpaper in the distance. The metal matchbox holder itself is enamelled red, a colour which is repeated in the ribbon bow at the top.

A Handy Invention

Capital matchbox holders, made in white wood, and stained oak or dark green, are obtainable. They are contrived to hold several boxes, one being always visible for use. As soon as one is removed, another slips down into its place.

These neat cases may be successfully ornamented with match designs, in the manner described.

The Chinese Procession

Rather more ambitious, though really not difficult to carry out, is a little procession of three merry Chinese boys, dressed in scraps of gay Oriental brocade, each carrying a safety match in his hand from which is suspended a tiny coloured paper lantern. Walnut-shells cut in half, with painted features, make most realistic heads for these miniature figures, and are a pleasant change from matches only. Long black silk queues add much to their appearance. These are gummed behind the walnut-shells. Comical, high-soled shoes of black velvet must not be forgotten.

The matchbox itself should be decorated with Chinese motifs, such as tiny fans, cranes, or dragons; and if lettering is introduced it should be in character.

To carry out the idea completely the background should be black, and the hanger composed of narrow silk cord of a bright colour, finished off with slender beaded tassels.

A Scene in Far Japan

An old Japanese man, crossing a rustic bridge made of matches, and carrying on his head a small, neatly bound sheaf of the same, is another suggestion that may be exploited with advantage. If the designer can add in the background a sketchy view of the graceful Mount Fujiyama - a dominating presence in very many Japanese landscapes - the effect of the work will be considerably heightened. Or the mountain itself might with advantage be entirely composed of sandpaper, as it is always well to introduce a little of this useful accessory into the scheme if possible.

Such subjects as acrobatic displays, or a band of strikers, bearing banners, readily suggest themselves, and it is very certain that anyone who cares to try the work will soon find herself evolving all manner of amusing tableaux with the simple materials at hand.

Another ingenious idea for a matchbox holder. Care should be taken to use only safety matches

Another ingenious idea for a matchbox holder. Care should be taken to use only safety matches