Required: A small tin of apricots. Any scraps of pastry. Castor sugar.

Roll out the pastry rather thin. Choose a plain or fancy cutter, a size larger than the halves of apricots, for cutting the pastry. Place half an apricot, with the cut side down, on a round of pastry; wet the edge of a second round and place it on top, pressing the edges well together.

Have ready a pan of frying fat, and when the bluish smoke rises from it put in the fritters, one or two at a time, and fry them a golden brown. Drain them well on paper, pile them up on a hot dish, and sprinkle with castor sugar. If possible, serve cream with them.

If preferred, fresh fruit may be used in the place of tinned, but it should first be carefully stewed till tender in sugar and water.

Cost, about 8d.