Welsh Rarebit

Required: Four ounces of hard, dry, Cheddar cheese. One ounce of butter. One ounce of proteid food. One tablespoonful of milk. For flavouring (if desired): One dessertspoonful of made mustard. One quarter of a teaspoonful of paprika. One tablespoonful of mushroom ketchup (or any other sauce). Note. If the Welsh rarebit is preferred plain, these flavourings can be left out. Utensils: One nut and cheese mill. One saucepan.

Prepare some buttered toast (preferably of good fine wholemeal bread). Mill the cheese. Put the butter into a saucepan, and stir with a wooden spoon. Add the flavouring and the milk. Then add the milled cheese and proteid food, and stir until the consistency is that of thick cream. Spread on the buttered toast, brown the top, and serve very hot.

Lombard Eggs

Required: Bread-and-butter. Two Spanish onions. Poached eggs. Pepper and salt.

Fry some rounds of bread-and-butter to a nice golden brown. Then fry in butter (or vegetable butter) two Spanish onions, thinly sliced; season with pepper and salt. Pile the fried onion on the croutons, and on each place a nicely poached egg. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Dinner Chestnut Soup

Required: One and a half pounds of chestnuts. Four ounces of proteid food. Two eggs. Butter. Nutmeg. Celery salt.

Peel and blanch the chestnuts in boiling water, and boil until quite tender in water that is flavoured with celery, salt, and nutmeg. Pass through a sieve, then add the beaten yolks of two eggs, butter, and proteid food. Heat, but do not boil, and serve with croutons of fried bread.

Celery Cream Soup

Required: Two heads of celery.

Two small onions peeled and sliced.

Two ounces of butter.

Half an ounce of flour.

One quart of white vegetable stock.

Half a pint of cream or milk.

Two yolks of eggs.

A pinch of castor sugar.

Salt and pepper to taste.

One ounce of proteid food.

Wash and trim the celery. Blanch it in slightly salted water, cool, and cut up in small pieces. Melt the butter, and put in the onion and celery. Fry and stir for a few minutes, and then sprinkle in the flour; add the stock, and cook until the celery is tender. Rub all through a fine sieve, and return to the stewpan. Stir in the milk or cream, adding the proteid food; make all thoroughly hot. Last of all, add the yolks of two eggs and a pinch of sugar. Serve with fried croutons of bread.

Entrees Lenten Fillets

Required: Half a pint of milk. Three ounces of ground rice. One pinch of mace. One ounce of proteid food. One ounce of butter. One teaspoonful of grated onion. Three tablespoonfuls of mashed or thinly sliced potato (cooked or uncooked). Vegetable butter. Two eggs.

Boil the milk, stir in the rice, add the butter, grated onion, and mace, also the potatoes. Let all cook until fairly stiff. Add one whole egg, and one yolk; beat all together, and turn out to cool. When firm make into fillets, egg and breadcrumb, and fry in boiling vegetable or ordinary butter. Serve with fried parsley.

Vegetable Curry Cutlets With Curry Sauce

Required: Half an onion. Half an apple. One ounce of butter. Two ounces of breadcrumbs. Any cooked vegetables. One dessertspoonful of curry powder. One ounce of flour. Two ounces of proteid food. One egg. Vegetable butter.

Fry the onion and apple in the batter, add the curry powder, and fry a little longer. Add the flour and sufficient milk to make a stiff paste Take any cooked vegetables, and cut into small pieces; add two ounces of proteid food, two ounces of breadcrumbs, and bind all together with an egg. Mould into eight cutlets, egg and breadcrumb, and fry them to a golden brown in boiling butter.

Curry Sauce

Required: One small onion.

Half an ounce of butter (rolled in a little flour).

One dessertspoonful of curry powder.

One dessertspoonful of chutney (chopped).

One dessertspoonful of proteid food.

One and a half gills of vegetable stock.

Half a gill or less of milk or cream.

Fry a small onion, finely chopped, in the butter to a golden brown. Add the curry powder, and fry a little longer. Then add the chutney and proteid food, and moisten with the stock. Then add a "bouquet garni." Stir until the material boils and is thick like cream, and add (gradually) a little milk or cream. Pass the sauce through a fine sieve, and serve in a sauce-boat.

Vegetables Lettuce, Onion, and Peas

Utensils: Hot-air cooker or paper bag.

Into the inner pan of a hot-air cooker or a paper bag put an ounce of butter and half a teacupful of water; shred a large lettuce and a large Spanish onion, and about half a pint of green peas (fresh or bottled). Put all together in the butter, cover the pan closely, or clip the paper bag closely, and cook for one hour. Make a sauce with the juice. Add the yolk of an egg beaten in, at the last, and also a tablespoonful of cream, with a table-spoonful of proteid food, and serve with the vegetables.