Put one half the amount of butter required for a meal into a bowl, and dilute with an equal quantity of water, adding a little at a time, and beating it thoroughly with a fork until it is perfectly smooth and light. An egg beater, wire potato-masher, or whip are excellent utensils for this purpose. Enough water should be used to make it of the proper consistency to spread nicely. A little salt can be added if desired, or the salt may be sprinkled on after it is spread upon the bread.

Some prefer to use it without the addition of water; but in this form it is quite sticky, and adheres to the mouth, and has a strong peanut taste.

By using the water these objections are removed, and a sweet, savory taste is imparted.

If any is left, it should be kept in a cool place, as it spoils easily after water has been added.