Chestnut Soup No. 1

Shell and blanch 1 pound of chestnuts. To blanch, pour boiling water over them, and let stand two minutes, then turn off the water, and the skins will rub off. Put into 1 quart of boiling water with 1 teaspoonful of grated onion, 1 tablespoonful of chopped celery, a little parsley, and cook until the chestnuts will press through the colander. Then return to the stove and add salt and raw peanut cream to taste. Thicken with a little white flour to the right thickness for soup, and serve hot.

Chestnut Soup No. 2

Shell, blanch, and boil chestnuts enough to make 2 cup-fuls when pressed through a sieve. Add boiling water very slowly, stirring all the time, and keeping the mixture smooth, When 1 quart has been added, let it boil up, and if you fancy it thinner, add 1 cupful more. Add salt if desired.

Chestnut Soup No. 3

Grind the chestnuts through the mill, not making them very fine; for each cup of the ground chestnuts add 1 cup of cold water. Work it well with a spoon or the hand and pour into a bowl lined with cheese-cloth, fold the edges of the cloth together, and press out the milk. Put this milk in a double boiler and let it cook for an hour or more. The starch in the milk will thicken it enough. It only needs a little salt and then is ready to serve.

Chestnut milk contains too much raw starch to be eaten without cooking.

Chestnut Soup No. 4

Take equal quantities of mashed chestnuts and well-cooked beans. Press them through a sieve, thin with boiling water, boil up once, salt to taste, and if desired a little onion juice or celery salt may be added.

Chestnut Soup No. 5

Take equal quantities of mashed chestnuts and well-cooked dried peas, split peas, or green peas. Press through a sieve, thin to taste with boiling water; boil up once and serve.