Egg Toast No. 1

Pour boiling water into a spider or shallow dish, and place it on the stove where it will keep just below the boiling-point. Break in a saucer as many eggs as there are pieces of toast, slip them into the hot water, and let them cook, but not boil, until the whites are well set. Have ready some slices of zwieback, moisten them in hot nut milk, skim out the eggs, and place one on each slice of toast. Salt a little, and serve hot.

Egg Toast No. 2

Put some nut milk in a basin on the stove to heat; take I egg for each slice of toast. Separate the whites and yolks, and beat the whites to a stiff froth, adding a little salt. Then dip nice slices of zwieback into the hot nut milk, which should be salted just a little; place on a pie-tin, place the beaten whites on the toast, making a hole in the center, in which put the yolk of the egg. Place in a moderate oven until slightly brown. Serve at once.

Egg Toast No. 3

Beat 1 egg until smooth, add a pinch of salt, and \ cup of nut cream. Dip into it well-toasted bread (zwieback), covering all sides with the egg; then roll them in breadcrumbs, grated fine. Place on oiled tins, and bake in a moderate oven for ten minutes. Serve dry, or with hot nut milk.