It is therefore necessary that the housewife and mother should be careful that the meal contains both elements in as nearly the right proportion as possible. Too much food of either element is harmful. People are more likely to overeat than to eat too little. I have no doubt but that the majority of people would be healthier, fleshier, and have a clearer brain if they would take only two thirds of the amount which they are in the habit of eating. Rapid eating is one of the chief causes of overeating. This evil habit is so customary among Americans that it has become a proverb. The food is not masticated thoroughly, and of course can not be mixed with the saliva, and the starch, instead of being digested by the saliva, is left to ferment in the stomach. The use of condiments is another cause for overeating. The highly spiced foods so please the palate and at the same time deaden the nerves of the stomach, that they can not cry "Enough!" Plain and simple foods, prepared without spices or grease will seldom cause one to overeat. It is not the amount of food we eat that gives us strength and flesh, but the amount we digest, and a moderate meal is much easier for the stomach to digest than an immoderate one.