Breakfast No. 1

Grains : cracked wheat.

Toast : peanut gravy.

Breads : graham rolls, whole-wheat gems, raised bread.

Vegetables : potato hash, macaroni with egg sauce.

Nut Foods : nut butter, malted caramels.

Drinks : hot nut milk, Brazil-nut coffee.

Breakfast No. 2

Grains : rolled oats.

Toast: lentil.

Breads : raised biscuit, cream crisps, beaten biscuits. Vegetables : macaroni cornlet, baked squash. Nut Foods : stewed nutmeato, nut flakes. Drinks : hot nut milk, peanut coffee.

Breakfast No. 3

Toast : nut broth.

Breads : crackers, rolls.

Vegetables : malted sweet potatoes baked.

Nut Foods : nutmeato steak.

Drinks : hot bouillon, grain coffee.

Dinner No. J

Soup : tomato, peanut.

Breads : crackers, raised breads, crisps.

Nut Foods : pecan sausages, sliced nutmeato, nut gravy.

Vegetables : mashed potatoes, scalloped tomatoes.

Drinks : hot milk, peanut coffee.

Dessert : cream cake.

Dinner No. 2

Soup : Scotch pea soup.

Grains : steamed browned rice.

Nut Foods : nut butter with egg, nut fish baked.

Vegetables : cream cabbage, baked beans, mashed potatoes. Breads : crackers, croutons, raisin bread, rolls. Drinks : walnut coffee, hot cocoanut milk. Dessert : custard pie.

Dinner No. 3

Soup : bouillon.

Breads : croutons, crisps, raised bread.

Nut Foods : cutlets of nuts, nut butter, nut gravy.

Vegetables : potato souffle, baked egg-plant.

Drinks : hot peanut milk, walnut coffee.

Dessert : rice cocoanut pudding.