Mock Chicken CroqueTTes

Mock Chicken CroqueTTes sible; then roll them in a beaten egg and then in gluten, or what is better, fine cracker-crumbs; crisps or rolls that are perfectly dry and ground fine are also nice, and give them more of a meaty flavor. Bake on well-oiled tins for an hour or more. The above amount will make twenty good-sized croquettes. In serving, they can be arranged as in the accompanying cut, which represents them garnished with sprigs of parsley, or if a smaller quantity is desired, they may be made into funnel shapes by molding in an ice-cream mold or a small funnel with the hole stopped up with a piece of raw turnip or potato. Then when baked, they are nice served on a plate covered with curly lettuce leaves; serve a lettuce leaf with each croquette, placing the croquette upon the leaf.