Nut-Butter Sandwiches

Spread thin slices of bread, with nut butter. Chop some dates, figs, or seedless raisins into a fine mass, and spread upon the buttered bread, placing upon this, buttered side down, another slice of bread. Crackers, wafers, or other kinds of bread may be substituted. The sandwich would be more dainty if the fruit were steamed.

Date Or Fig Sandwiches

Steam fruit fifteen minutes after scalding with boiling water. Grind into a pulp, or else place them, as they are, upon slices of bread generously spread with nut butter. These, when laid closely in a baking dish, moistened with boiling water, and baked, make an excellent pudding, which should be served with cream, grape wine, or a sauce made of lemons or oranges.

Rolled Nut-Butter Sandwiches

Cut lengthwise slices from a loaf of good, fresh bread. Spread each slice with peanut butter, or any other kind desired; sprinkle on a little salt, and squeeze upon the slices a little lemon-juice. Celery salt may also be added. On top of these arrange some very crisp lettuce leaves, allowing the curly edges to extend beyond the edges of the bread.

Cut a piece of paper the size of the slice, or slightly larger, place the bread upon it, and by the aid of the paper roll the slice up, taking care not to roll in the paper, too. After having rolled the bread, encircle it with the paper, and tie it, allowing it to stand for a time, until it becomes pressed into shape, when the paper may be removed, and the sandwich fastened with two wooden toothpicks. Serve upon a plate or platter garnished with lettuce leaves.

Rolled Sandwiches.

Rolled Sandwiches.

Rolled Cabbage Sandwiches

Cut bread as directed in previous recipe, and spread with nut butter, sprinkling with salt. Take a good, firm head of cabbage which is white and tender, shave it off into thin slices, and put upon the bread, allowing ends of cabbage to project beyond the edges of the bread. Prepare for serving in the same manner as in the foregoing recipe, fastening with toothpicks.

Rolled Nutmeato Sandwiches

In making these sandwiches, be careful not to have the bread too long, or the slices too thick, or the roll may be too large. Rolled sandwiches should not be too large to be readily eaten by biting through from the end. Cut the nut-meato very thin, and place it on top of the bread, already spread sparingly with nut butter and sprinkled with salt. Carefully roll, and fasten by means of toothpicks.

Sweet Nut Sandwiches

Take good figs, thoroughly wash, and grind through the nut mill, adjusting quite closely. Add enough hot water to the ground figs to make them spread easily. Then to 1 cup of this mixture, add 1 tablespoonful of nut butter made from walnuts, hickory-nuts, or pecans. Mix well, and spread upon thin slices of brown bread cut into squares. See index for Brown Bread.