Bean Soup

Take 2 cups of left-over beans and two cups of cold mashed potatoes. Put in a kettle with a pint of water, and let boil until warmed through. Put through a colander and season with salt and nut butter and thin with water to the desired thickness. Thyme or parsley may be added to flavor if desired.

Kidney-Bean Soup

Soak 1 pint of kidney-beans overnight, and in the morning put them to cook in boiling water. When perfectly tender put through a colander and season with 1 grated onion, salt and peanut butter to taste. Add enough boiling water to make 2 quarts in all. Thicken with 2 teaspoonfuls of flour or gluten.

String-Bean Soup

String and cut in small pieces enough string-beans to make 1 pint. Wash well and put to cook in boiling, salted water. When tender, rub through a colander, then return to the stove. Season with salt and raw peanut cream to suit the taste, and thicken by adding finely grated zwieback

Beet Soup

Boil 5 small beets. Let them get cold and grate them. Add 1 quart of nut milk, part nut cream if desired. Heat to boiling, and salt and thicken with a little white flour. 1 cup of raw peanut cream and 3 cups of water make a nice milk for this soup.

Carrot Soup

Slice 1 onion, place on an oiled tin, and bake in the oven until of a rich brown color. Place in a stew-pan, add to them 1 sliced carrot and 1 sliced turnip, and cook for an hour. Then add 1/2 cup of rice, cook one hour more, and press through a sieve. After pressing through the sieve, return to the stove. Add nut milk enough to make of the right consistency and salt to taste. Just before serving, burn a little brown sugar and stir through it. This gives it a nice flavor and a rich color.

Cream Soup

Wash thoroughly 1/2 pound of rice after picking out all the dark and colored ones. Put into a saucepan, and add 2 quarts of water. Boil slowly for one hour, then rub through a sieve twice. Return to the stove. Season with salt, raw peanut cream, and a very little grated onion if desired. Serve at once, with one poached egg in each soup-plate.

Brazil-Nut Soup

Boil 2 tablespoonfuls of washed rice in 1 quart of water until quite soft. Add more boiling water to make up for evaporation, and 4 or 6 grated Brazil-nuts (4 large or 6 small), cover closely and keep boiling at least fifteen minutes. Serve with crisps.

Fine hominy, pearl barley, or hulled corn may be used instead of rice. Any other grated nut may be used.

Cabbage Soup

Take 1 head of cabbage sliced fine, and cooked until perfectly tender, which will require two or three hours. Rub through a colander to make smooth. Thin with water and raw peanut cream and season with salt. Thicken with a teaspoonful of white flour rubbed smooth in a little cold water.

Celery Soup

Take 2 large heads of fresh, crisp celery, cut in finger lengths, and cook in boiling water until very tender; then add 2 cups of cold mashed potatoes. Sift all through the colander and place on the stove to reheat. Season with 1 level tablespoonful of nut butter (almond is best), and salt to taste. Add enough water to make the desired thickness, and serve.