Dried Apple Toast

Wash the dried apples well, and soak in lukewarm water for two hours, then stew slowly until very tender, and beat smooth or put through a colander. Sweeten to taste, and season with the oil and juice of a lemon, or a little grated lemon peel. Serve on slices of zwieback dipped into hot nut milk.

Fig Toast

Look over and wash in hot water enough figs to cover toast for the family. For a family of five, take 1/2 pound of figs, grind them through the nut-butter mill, having it adjusted tight enough to grind the seeds to a flour; add 2 cups of hot nut milk, stirring until it is smooth. Put a spoonful or two on nice slices of zwieback which have been moistened by dipping into hot nut milk.

Gravy Toast

Make a gravy as directed for nut gravy. (See index.) To each pint of the gravy add 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon-ful of vanilla. Place a few spoonfuls of it on well-moistened slices of zwieback.

Fruit Toast

Heat 1 pint of grape juice or juice of other stewed fruit, such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc., until boiling, and sweeten to taste. Thicken to the desired consistency with corn-starch rubbed smooth in a litttle cold water, and cook one hour in a double boiler. Have ready some zwieback which has been soaked in some hot water or fruit juice, place in a saucer, and put on 3 or 4 tablespoonfuls of the prepared fruit, and serve hot. This is a most desirable and wholesome breakfast dish.

Lemon Toast

Take some nicely toasted zwieback. If you wish it very nice, cut light white bread in slices about one-half inch thick, and cut them in rounds with a large cooky-cutter, and toast in a very slow oven until dry clear through, and of a light brown on the outside. Take the oil of a lemon (see directions for lemon syrup), and make a thin batter with a little of this sugar, 1 egg, 2 cups of milk, and flour to make of the right consistency. Dip each round of toast into this batter, coating it on both sides; place on oiled tins, sift over all a little pulverized sugar, and bake for ten minutes in a moderate oven. This can be served with or without a dressing of nut cream.

Lentil Toast

Cook lentils until perfectly tender, and rub through a colander. To 1 pint of sifted lentils add 1/2 cup of nut cream and a little salt. If too thick, add more nut cream; but if too thin, thicken with a little flour rubbed smooth in cold water. Put a few spoonfuls of this lentil dressing on moistened slices of zwieback.

Malt Toast

Take a nice piece of graham or whole-wheat zwieback, dip it into hot nut milk, place it in a warm dish in which it is to be served, and spread over it the following: 1 tablespoon-ful of malt extract and 1 tablespoonful of nut cream, mixed thoroughly together. This is enough for only 1 slice of toast.

Nut-Butter Toast

Take some nicely toasted zwieback and place in a moderate oven to reheat. Have ready some peanut butter which has been diluted by adding an equal quantity of slightly salted hot water. Spread on the toast while very hot, and serve at once. This is excellent for those who desire a dry diet.