Tomato Toast No. 1

Moisten slices of well-toasted bread in hot water, and serve with the following dressing: Select good, ripe tomatoes, pour over them boiling water, let stand a minute or two, then drain, and rub off the skins. Cut a slice from the blow end, and with the finger remove all the seeds; then cut in small pieces, and cook to a mush. If they do not boil to pieces, rub through a sieve or colander. To 1 pint of the stewed tomatoes add 1/2 cup of peanut cream, thicken with 1 tablespoonful of corn-starch or flour, and pour over the moistened toast.

Tomato Toast No. 2

Make a nut gravy according to recipe No 1. (See index.) For 1 pint of this gravy, select 1 medium-sized tomato, remove the the skins and seeds, and cut the flesh in very small pieces, rejecting any part that may he hard or green, and add to the gravy. Let boil slowly for a few minutes, and serve on moistened slices of zwieback. For people who do not like a strong tomato flavor, this is better than the preceding recipe.