Black currants. Sugar. Rhubarb.

Weigh and pick the currants and put them into a preserving pan, sprinkling with an equal weight of fine preserving sugar. Be careful when doing this to sprinkle the sugar in gradually in layers with the fruit, so as not to crush the latter, then leave them till the following day.

In the meantime take some more black currants, together with some peeled and sliced stalks of rhubarb, and cook till the juice has flowed freely ; then strain off all the liquid possible. Next take this juice, pour it over the sweetened currants, and let stand for twenty-four hours, allowing one cupful of juice to each pound of the preserved fruit. Now pour off all the juice which will have appeared, put it on to boil with an equal weight of sugar, allowing it to boil up rapidly, and, when it does, lay in the fruit, and boil for fifteen minutes, stirring it gently so as not to break the fruit, and removing every particle of scum as it rises.

Seal in glasses.