2 lbs. plums. 1 pint (2 cups) water. 1 lb. (2 cups) sugar.

Drop the plums, which must be large and perfect, in boiling water and cook for ten minutes, then drain thoroughly.

Make a syrup with the sugar and water and when it forms a soft ball put in the plums. Remove from the fire and let it stand over night in a slow oven, turning the fruit occasionally. Repeat this operation four times, each time skimming out the fruit and letting the syrup just come to a boil. The fifth time make a new syrup, as in the first place, and when it boils and stands the test put the fruit in again.

As soon as the syrup is cool, dip out the fruit and place in a pan to harden and candy, keeping it at a temperature of 65 degrees.

When sufficiently candied place in boxes between layers of waxed paper.