1 quart ripe tomatoes. 1 lemon. 2 lbs. (4 cups) sugar. 2 oranges.

Cut the peel of the lemon and oranges into small strips, then boil in a little water until tender and drain. Put the lemon and orange pulp into a preserving pan, add the sugar and the tomatoes peeled and cut into small pieces. Now add the peels and cook for two hours, stirring frequently.

The marmalade should be quite thick and the peel transparent.

Seal in small jars.

Yellow tomatoes make a beautiful marmalade.

Another Method: Tomato marmalade has the charm of novelty to commend it. Peel, quarter and remove the seeds from seven pounds of tomatoes. Slice rather small, and put into a basin with four cupfuls of water to stand all night.

Boil the seeds and skins with three cupfuls of water and the rinds and strained juice of two lemons, or if lemon flavoring is not liked, cloves, ginger or cinnamon might be substituted.

Strain through a jelly bag. Next day put this juice, with the water off the tomatoes, in a preserving pan, and allow to boil fast for ten minutes. Add the tomatoes, boil till tender, but not pulpy, then add seven pounds of lump sugar, and allow all to boil till it will set - about fifteen minutes.

Divide into sterilized jars and seal.