Gooseberry Vinegar

Ripe gooseberries. Honey. Brown sugar.

Select ripe berries, bruise them in a mortar or basin, and to every quart of berries allow three quarts of water. Let them come to a boil; then let them get cold, and stand for twenty-four hours.

Strain through cheesecloth, then through a jelly bag, and to every quart of this liquor add one-half pound of brown sugar. Stir all well and put into a barrel, add one-fourth pound of honey and bung up tightly.

In a year it will be perfect.

This vinegar may be used for pickling fruit.

Gooseberry Wine

Gooseberries. Sugar.

Gather the fruit in dry weather. Pick them clean, put them into an earthenware dish and stir with a wooden spoon, but be careful not to break the seeds.

Put the pulp into a fruit press and press out the juice into a preserving pan. Add three pounds of sugar to every gallon of juice, mix well, stirring with a wooden spoon, and when the sugar is dissolved, pour the liquor into a cask which will just hold it. If the quantity is nine gallons, let it stand to settle for two weeks.

Keep it in a cool place; then draw it from the lees, and put it into another barrel of the same size or into the same cask, first emptying the lees and making it clean. Let a cask of ten gallons or less stand for three months, when it will be fit to bottle.

This wine will keep and improve with age.