Baked Heart

Now that the price of meat has gone past the contents of most purses, it is well to secure the most one can for the money expended. An ordinary beef heart, if properly prepared, makes a tasty Dinner for a number of persons. There is no waste to a heart and the scales are not weighed down by bone. First, soak the heart for about twelve hours in salted water with a tablespoonful of vinegar added. Wash and drain. Put on stove with enough water to cover and let boil for about half an hour. Remove while boiling hard, and without lifting cover put in fireless cooker for from eight to twelve hours according to the age of the beef. If twelve hours is needed, it is better to reheat once during that time. Or, simmer on stove for five hours. Now, make a dressing as for a fowl and stuff the heart and bake one hour in a hot oven. Set the liquor away to cool, skim and use for soup stock. - Mrs. J. V. Roach, Wisconsin.

Stuffed Heart

Make the stuffing of dry bread moisted with warm water. Add chopped onion, chopped raw pork, butter size of an egg (melted), one beaten egg. Mix well and stuff the well washed heart. Sew up the opening as much as possible. Bake in moderate oven two hours. - Mrs. Dermont, Williams, Ariz.

Liver (German Style)

Three slices of bacon cut into little squares, put in skillet and brown. When brown take two onions, sliced, and fry with bacon. One pound of liver and cut into small squares, pour water over liver and drain. Place liver with bacon and onions and let it simmer ten minutes. Then add tablespoon flour and let it brown. Put in sufficient water to make a gravy. Season with salt and pepper. - Mrs. E. H. Duffield, Williams, Ariz.

Calf's Liver

Slice nicely, wash and wipe dry, dip in beaten eggs, roll in cracker crumbs, fry nice light brown. Use part butter and part cottolene. Equal to fried oysters. - Mrs. Otto Lebsch, Williams, Ariz.