Cut some inches from either end of a large and well-kept leg of mutton, and leave the fillet shaped like one of veal. Remove the bone, and fill the cavity with forcemeat (No. 1, page 122), which may be flavoured with a little minced onion, when its flavour is liked: more forcemeat may be added by detaching the skin sufficiently on the flap side to admit it. When thus prepared, the fillet may be floured, and roasted, served with currant-jelly and brown gravy, or with only melted butter poured over it; or it may be stewed gently for nearly or quite four hours, in a pint of gravy or water, after having been floured and browned all over in a couple of ounces of butter; it must then be turned every hour, that it may be equally done. Two or three small onions, a. faggot of herbs, a couple of carrots sliced, four or five cloves, and twenty whole peppercorns can be added at will. Roasted 2 hours, or stewed 4 hours.