Mince tolerably fine, with a moderate proportion of its own fat, as much of the inside of a cold roast joint as will suffice for a dish: that which is least done is best for the purpose. Season it rather highly with cayenne and mace, or nutmeg, and moderately with salt; add, when they are liked, one or two eschalots, minced small, with a few chopped mushrooms, either fresh or pickled, or two tablespoonsful of mushroom catsup. Moisten the whole, mixing it well, with a cupful of good gravy, and put it into a deep dish. Place on the top an inch-thick layer of bread-crumbs; moisten these plentifully with clarified butter, passed through a small strainer over them, and send the mince to a slow oven for twenty minutes, or brown it in a Dutch oven.