Blamange Rubane, Or, Striped Blamange

Make in the ordinary way, but a little firmer, one quart or two of blamange, according to the number of moulds that are to be filled; divide it into three or four equal portions; add to one, sufficient prepared spinach-juice (see page 305), to colour it a full or a pale green; to another, some liquid cochineal or carmine; to a third, should further va-riety. be desired, a few drops of strong infusion of saffron, or if its peculiar flavour be objected to, stir quickly some of the blamange quite boiling to the well-beaten yolks of three or four fresh eggs, and thicken it a little over a gentle fire with an additional spoonful or two of milk, for unless the whole be nearly of the same consistency, it will be liable to separate in the unmoulding. Chocolate, first boiled very smooth in a small quantity of water, will give an additional colour; and some firm, clear isinglass, or calf's-foot jelly, may be used for an occasional stripe, where great variety is desired. The different kinds of blamange should be poured into the mould in half-inch depths, when so cool as to be only just liquid, and one colour must be perfectly cold before another is added, or they will run together, and spoil the appearance of the dish.

When ice is not procurable, the moulds in warm weather may be set into water, mixed with plenty of salt and saltpetre: the insides should be rubbed with a drop of very pure salad oil, instead of being laid into fresh water, as usual.

Strengthening Blamange

Dissolve in a pint of new milk, half an ounce of isinglass, strain it through a muslin, or a fine silk sieve, put it again on the fire with the rind of half a small lemon pared very thin, and two ounces of sugar, broken small; let it simmer gently till well flavoured, then take out the lemon-peel, and stir the milk to the beaten yolks of three fresh eggs; pour the mixture back into the saucepan, and hold it over the fire, keeping it stirred until it begins to thicken; put it into a deep basin, and keep it moved with a whisk or spoon, until it is nearly cold; pour it into moulds which have been laid in water, and set in a cool place till firm.

New milk, 1 pint; isinglass, 1/2 oz.; lemon-rind, 1/2 of 1:10 to 15 minutes. Sugar, 2 ozs.; yolks of eggs, 3.