Spinach Green, For Colouring Sweet Dishes, Confectionary, Or Soups

Pound quite to a pulp, in a marble or wedgewood mortar, a handful or two of young freshly-gathered spinach, then throw it into a hair-sieve, and press through all the juice that can be obtained from it; pour this into a clean white jar, and place it in a pan of water that is at the point of boiling, and which must be allowed to just simmer afterwards; in three or four minutes the juice will be poached or set; take it then gently with a spoon, and lay it upon the back of a fine sieve to drain. If wanted for immediate use, merely mix it in the mortar with some finely-powdered sugar ;* but if to be kept as a store, pound it with as much as will render the whole tolerably dry, boil it to candy-height over a very clear fire, pour it out in cakes, and keep them in a tin box or canister. For this last preparation consult the receipt for orange-flower candy.

Bermuda Witches

Slice equally some rice, pound, or sponge cake, not more than the sixth of an inch thick; take off the brown edges, and spread one half of it with Guava jelly, or, if more convenient, with fine strawberry, raspberry, or currant jelly of good quality (see Norman receipt, 338); on this strew thickly same fresh cocoanut grated small, and lightly; press over it the remainder of the cake, an3 trim the whole into good form; divide the slices if large, pile them slopingly in the centre of a dish upon a very white napkin folded flat, and garnish or intersperse them with small sprigs of myrtle. For very young people a French roll or two, and good currant jelly, red or white, will supply a wholesome and inexpensive dish.