Beat four eggs until they are exceedingly light, add to them gradually four ounces of pounded sugar, and whisk these together for five minutes; strew lightly in, if it be at hand, a dessertspoonful of potato-flour, if not, of common flour well dried and sifted; then throw into the mixture, by slow degrees, three ounces of good butter, which should be dissolved, but only just luke-warm; beat the whole well, then stir briskly in the strained juice and the grated rind of one lemon and a half. Line some pattypans with fine puff-paste rolled very thin, fill them two thirds full, and bake the tartlets about twenty minutes, in a moderate oven.

Eggs, 4; sugar 4 ozs.; potato-flour, or common flour, 1 dessertspoonful; butter, 3 ozs.; juice and rind of 1 1/2 full-sized lemon: baked 15 to 20 minutes.