In many families this is preferred both for pies and tarts, to crust made with butter, as being much more wholesome; but it should never be served unless especially ordered, as it is to some persons peculiarly distasteful. Chop the suet extremely small, and add from six to eight ounces of it to a pound of flour, with a few grains of salt; mix these with cold water into a firm paste, and work it very smooth. Some cooks beat it with a paste-roller, until the suet is perfectly blended with the flour; but the crust is lighter without this. In exceedingly sultry weather the suet, not being firm enough to chop, may be sliced as thin as possible, and well beaten into the paste after it is worked up.

Flour, 2 lbs.; beef or veal kidney-suet, 12 to 16 ozs.; salt (for fruit-pies), 1/4 teaspoonful; for meat-pies, 1 teaspoonful.

Very Superior Suet-Crust

Strip the skin entirely from some fresh veal or beef kidney-suet; chop, and then put it into the mortar, with a small quantity of pure-flavoured lard, oil, or butter, and pound it perfectly smooth: it may then be used for crust in the same way that butter is, in making puff-paste, and in this form will be found a most excellent substitute, for it, for hot pies or tarts. It is not quite so good for those which are to be served cold. Eight ounces of suet pounded with two of butter, and worked with the fingers into a pound of flour, will make an exceedingly good short crust; but for a very rich one, the proportion must be increased.

Good short crust: flour, 1 lb.; suet, 8 ozs.; butter, 2 ozs.; salt, 1/2 teaspoonful. Richer crust: suet, 16 ozs.; butter, 4 ozs.; flour, 1 1/2 lb.; salt, 1 small teaspoonful.

Very Rich Short Crust For Tarts

Break lightly, with the least possible handling, six ounces of butter into eight of flour; add a dessertspoonful of pounded sugar, and two or three of water; roll the paste for several minutes, to blend the ingredients well, folding it together like puff-crust, and touch it as little as possible.

Flour, 8 ozs.; butter, 6 ozs.; pounded sugar, 1 dessertspoonful; water, 1 to 2 spoonsful.