Infuse in a pint of new milk the very thin rind of a lemon, with four or five bitter almonds bruised. As the quantity should not be reduced, it should be kept by the side of the fire until strongly flavoured, and not be allowed to boil for more than two or three minutes. Sweeten it with three ounces of fine sugar in lumps, and when this is dissolved, strain, and mix the milk with half a pint of cream; then stir the whole gradually to the well-beaten yolks of six fresh eggs, and thicken it like boiled custard. Put it, when cold, into a deep dish, beat to a solid froth the whites of six eggs, mix them with five tablespoonsful of pounded and sifted sugar, and spread them evenly over the custard, which should be set immediately into a moderate oven, baked half an hour, and served directly it is taken out.

New milk, 1 pint; rind of one lemon; bitter almonds, 5; sugar, 3 ozs.; cream, 1/2 pint; yolks of eggs, 6; frothed whites of eggs, 6; sifted sugar, 5 tablespoonsful: baked, 1/2 hour.


A layer of apricot, peach, or magnum bonum, marmalade placed in the dish before the custard-mixture is poured in will convert this into the gentleman commoner's pudding.