To one ounce of fine flour add, very gradually, the beaten yolks of three fresh eggs ; stir to them briskly, and in small portions at first, three-quarters of a pint of boiling cream, or of cream and new milk mixed; then turn the whole into a clean stewpan, and stir it over a very gentle fire until it is quite thick, take it off, and stir it well up and round; replace it over the fire, and let it just simmer from six to eight minutes; pour it into a basin, and add to it immediately a couple of ounces of pounded sugar, one and a half of fresh butter, cut small, or clarified, and a spoonful of the store-mixture of page 120, or a little sugar which has been rubbed on the rind of a lemon. The cream is rich enough for common use without further addition; but an ounce and a half of ratifias, crushed almost to powder with a paste-roller improves it much, and they should be mixed with it for the receipt which follows.

Flour, 1 oz.; yolks of eggs, 3; boiling cream, or milk and cream mixed, 3/4 pint: just simmered, 6 to 8 minutes. Butter, 1 1/2 oz.; sugar, 2 ozs.; little store-flavouring, or rasped lemon-rind; ratifias, 1 1/2 oz.

Obs.-r-This is an excellent preparation, which may be used for tartlets, cannelons, and other forms of pastry, with extremely good effect.