Small Custard Pudding. (Aldeburgh White Lion Receipt.)

Dissolve in half a pint of new milk a dessertspoonful of pounded sugar and pour it to three well-beaten eggs; strain the mixture into a buttered bat in, which should be full; lay a half sheet of buttered writing paper, and then a floured cloth over it, and tie them tightly on; boil the pudding gently for twenty-five minutes, and let it stand four or five more before it is turned out, that it may not spread in the dish. Serve it with wine sauce.

New milk, 1/2 pint; sugar, 1 dessertspoonful; fresh eggs, 3: 25 minutes.

Common Custard Pudding

Whisk three eggs well, put them into a pint basin, and add to them sufficient milk to fill it; then strain, flavour, and sweeten it with fine sugar; boil the pudding very softly for an exact half hour, let it stand a few minutes, dish, and serve it with sugar sifted over, and sweet sauce in a tureen, or send stewed gooseberries, currants, or cherries to table with it. A small quantity of lemon-brandy, or of ratafia can be added, to give it flavour, when it is made, or the sugar with which it is sweetened may be rasped on a lemon or an orange, then crushed and dissolved in the milk; from an ounce and a half to two ounces will be sufficient for general taste.