With five ounces of whole rice boiled soft and dry, mix an ounce of butter, ten ounces of damson-jam, a teaspoonful of lemon-juice, and five eggs. Beat the whole well together, and bake it about half an hour.

Rice, 5 ozs.; damson-jam, 10 ozs.; butter, 1 oz.; eggs, 5: 1/2 hour.

Barberry-And-Rice Pudding

Mix ten ounces of barberries stripped from the stalks, with four ounces of whole boiled rice, eight ounces of sugar, a small slice of butter, and five large, or six small eggs.

Apple-And-Rice Pudding

Boil together one pound of good pudding-apples, and six ounces of sugar, until they are reduced to a smooth pulp; stir them often to prevent their burning; mix with them four ounces of boiled rice, two ounces of butter, and five large eggs. Should the apples be very acid, increase the quantity of sugar: add lemon rind or juice, at pleasure. These puddings are better if mixed while the ingredients are still warm.

* A quart of milk can be substituted for this; but with the fruit water perhaps and awers belter.

Apples, 1 lb.; sugar, 6 ozs.; boiled rice, 4 ozs.; butter, 2 ozs.; eggs, 5: 30 to 35 minutes.