Forced Eggs For Salad

Boil six fresh eggs for twelve minutes, and when they are perfectly cold, halve them lengthwise, take out the yolks, pound them to a paste with a third of their volume of fresh butter; then add a quarter tea-spoonful of mace, and as much cayenne as will season the mixture well; beat these together thoroughly, and fill the whites of egg neatly with them. A morsel of garlic, not larger than a pea, perfectly blended with the other ingredients, would to some tastes greatly improve this preparation.

Eggs, 6; butter, size of 2 yolks; mace, 1/4 teaspoonful; cayenne, third as much.

Forced Eggs, Or Eggs En Surprise. (Entremets.)

Boil, and divide, as in the receipt above, half a dozen very fresh eggs, pound the yolks perfectly, first by themselves, then with three ounces of good butter, a seasoning of salt, cayenne, and nutmeg, or mace, a large teaspoonful or more of minced parsley, and the yolks of two raw eggs. Slice a small bit off the whites to make them stand flat, hollow the insides well, fill them smoothly with the yolks, form a small dome in the centre of the dish with the remainder of the mixture, and lean the eggs against it, placing them regularly round. Set them into a gentle oven for ten minutes,* and send them quickly to table.

* The Parmesan being apt to gather into lumps, instead of mingling smoothly with the liquid, had better be avoided for this dish.