Bone a fowl without opening the back, and restore it to its original form by filling the vacant spaces in the legs and wings with forcemeat; put a roll of it also into the body, and a large sausage on either side; tie it very securely at both ends, truss it with fine skewers, and roast it for a full hour, keeping it basted plentifully with butter. When appearance is not regarded, the pinions may be taken off, and the legs and wings drawn inside the fowl, which will then require a much smaller proportion of forcemeat:- that directed for veal (No. 1, page 122), will answer quite well in a general way, but for a dinner of ceremony, No. 17 or 18 of the same Chapter should be used in preference. The fowl must be tied securely to the spit, not put upon it. Bone chickens are excellent when entirely filled with well-made mushroom-forcemeat, or very delicate and nicely seasoned sausage-meat; and either roasted or stewed. Brown gravy, or mushroom sauce should then be sent to table with them.