Parsley is the most universal garnish to all kinds of cold meat, poultry, fish, butter, cheese, and so forth. Horse-radish is the garnish for roast beef, and for fish in general; for the latter, slices of lemon are sometimes laid alternately with heaps of horse-radish.

Slices of lemon for boiled fowl, turkey, and fish, and for roast veal and calf's head.

Carrot in slices for boiled beef, hot or cold.

Barberries fresh or preserved for game.

Red beet-root sliced for cold meat, boiled beef, and salt fish.

Fried smelts as garnish for turbot.

Fried sausages or force meat-balls round roast turkey, capon, or fowl.

Lobster coral and parsley round boiled fish.

Fennel for mackerel and salmon, either fresh or pickled.

Currant jelly for game, also for custard or bread pudding.

Seville orange in slices for wild ducks, widgeons, teal and so forth.

Mint, either with or without parsley, for roast lamb, either hot or cold.

Pickled gherkins, capers, or onions, for some kinds of boiled meat and stews.