Aitch Bone Of Beef

Cut a slice an inch thick all through. Put this by, and serve in slices from the remainder. Some persons, however, like outside, and others take off a thinner slice before serving, for the sake of economy. The rich, delicious, soft fat, which resembles marrow, lies at the back of the bone: the firm fat is cut in horizontal slices at the edge of the meat Some prefer one and some the other. The skewer used to keep the meat together when boiling, should be taken out before coming to the table, and, if necessary, be replaced by a silver one.

A Round, Or Buttock, And Thick Flank Of Beef

These are carved in horizontal slices, that is, in slices from the top. Pare and neatly cut all round. Some prefer the silver side.

A Brisket Of Beef

This is cut lengthways, right down to the bone. The soft mellow fat is found underneath. The upper part is firm, but gristly; if well done, they are equally good to our taste.

Sirloin Of Beef

The glory of the dinner-table, may be commenced carving, either by beginning at the end, and cutting slices along the bones, or across the middle; but this latter mode will drain the gravy from the remainder. The inside is very juicy and tender, but the outside is frequently preferred. The inside fat is rich and marrowy, and is considered too much so by many. The inside of a sirloin is frequently dressed (in various ways) separately.