Calf's Liver Fried

To render the liver firm when dressed, lay it into a deep dish, and pour over it half a pint of vinegar; turn it often in this, and let it lie for four and twenty hours, or longer even, if more convenient. Sliced onions, or eschalots, and blanches of parsley, may be steeped with it in the vinegar, when their flavour is relished; but, in general, they would not, we think, be considered an improvement. Wash and wipe the liver very dry, slice it evenly, season it with pepper, salt, and savoury herbs shred extremely small, then flour and fry it in butter quickly of a fine light brown; lift it out and keep it very hot, while a gravy is made for it in the pan. Pour out the fat, throw in a small slice of fresh butter, and when it boils stir to it a half-teaspoonful of flour; add a seasoning of pepper and salt; about a quarter-pint of boiling water, and a little lemon-juice, Chili vinegar, or lemon-pickle; shake the pan well round, give the whole a boil; sauce the liver with it, and send it to table with or without a garnish of curled bacon.

How To Roast Calf's Liver

Take the whole or part of a fine white sound liver, and either lard it as a fricandeau upon the surface, or with large strips of highly-seasoned bacon in the inside (see Larding, page 139); or should either of these modes be objected to, merely wrap it in a well-buttered paper, and roast it from an hour to an hour and a quarter, at a moderate distance from a clear fire, keeping it constantly basted. Remove the paper, and froth the liver well from ten to fifteen minutes before it is done. It should be served with a sauce of some piquancy, such as a poivrade, or brown eschalot, in addition to some good gravy. French cooks steep the liver over-night in vinegar, with a sliced onion and branches of savoury herbs laid over it; this whitens and renders it firm. As an economical mode, some small bits of the liver may be trimmed off, floured, and lightly fried with a sliced onion, and stewed down for gravy in three quarters of a pint of water which has been poured into the pan, with the addition of a few peppercorns, and a small bunch of herbs.

A seasoning of salt must not be forgotten, and a little lemon-pickle, or juice, would generally be considered an improvement.

1 to 1 1/4 hour.