Mutton Kidneys A La Francaise. (Entree.)

Skin six or eight fine fresh mutton kidneys, and, without opening them, remove the fat; slice them rather thin, strew over them a large dessertspoonful of minced herbs, of which two-thirds should be parsley and the remainder thyme, with a tolerable seasoning of pepper or cayenne, and some fine salt. Melt two ounces of butter in a frying-pan, put in the kidneys and brown them quickly on both sides; when nearly done, stir amongst them a dessertspoonful of flour, and shake them well in the pan; pour in the third of a pint of gravy (or of hot water in default of this), the juice of half a lemon, and as much of Harvey's sauce, or of mushroom catsup, as will flavour the whole pleasantly; bring these to the point of boiling, and pour them into a dish garnished with fried sippets, or lift out the kidneys first, give the sauce a boil and pour it on them. We generally have the store-sauce of page 147 (see English slew) used to flavour this dish in preference to simple catsup.

In France, a couple of glasses of champagne, or, for variety, of claret, are frequently added to the gravy; one of port wine can be substituted for either, of these. A dessertspoonful of minced eschalots may be strewed over the kidneys with the herbs; or two dozens of very small ones, previously stewed till tender in fresh butter over a gentle fire, may be added after they are dished. This is a very excellent and approved receipt. Fried 6 minutes.

Broiled Mutton Kidneys

Split them open lengthwise without dividing them; strip off the skin and fat; run a fine skewer through the points and across the back of the kidneys to keep them flat while broiling; season them with pepper or cayenne; lay them over a clear brisk fire, with the cut sides towards it; turn them in from four to five minutes; and in as many more dish, and serve them quickly, with or without a cold Maitre d'Hotel sauce under them. French cooks season them with pepper and fine salt, and brush a very small quantity of oil, or clarified butter over them before they are broiled: we think this an improvement.

8 to 10 minutes.

Oxford Receipt For Mutton Kidneys. (Breakfast Dish, Or Entree.)

Fry gently, in a little good butter, a dozen croutons (slices of bread, of uniform shape and size, trimmed free from crust,) cut half an inch thick, about two inches and a half wide, and from three to four in length: lift them out and keep them hot. Split quite asunder six fine fresh kidneys, after having freed them from the skin and fat; season them with fine salt and cayenne; arrange them evenly in a clean frying-pan, and pour some clarified butter over them. Fry them over a somewhat brisk fire; dish each half upon a crouton; make a sauce in the pan as for veal cutlets, but use gravy for it instead of water, should it be at hand; add a little wine or catsup; pour it round the croutons, and serve the kidneys instantly.

10 minutes.