How To Boil Perch

First wipe or wash off the slime, then scrape off the scales, which adheres rather tenaciously to this fish; empty and clean the insides perfectly, take out the gills, cut off the fins, and lay the perch into equal parts of cold and of boiling water, salted as for mackerel: from eight to ten minutes will boil them unless they are very large. Dish them on a napkin, garnish them with curled parsley, and serve melted butter with them, or Maitre d'Hotel sauce maigre.

Very good French cooks put them at once into boiling water, and keep them over a brisk fire for about fifteen minutes. They dress them also without taking off the scales or fins until they are ready to serve, when they strip the whole of the skin off carefully, and stick the red fins into the middle of the backs; the fish are then covered with the Steward's sauce, thickened with eggs.

In warm water, 8 to 10 minutes, in boiling, 12 to 15.

How To Fry Perch Or Tench

Scale, and clean them perfectly; dry them well, flour and fry them in boiling lard. Serve plenty of fried parsley round them.