Potato Soup

Mash to a smooth paste three pounds of good mealy potatoes, that have been steamed, or boiled very dry; mix with them by degrees, two quarts of boiling broth, pass the soup through a strainer, set it again on the fire, add pepper and salt, and let it boil five minutes. Take off entirely the black scum that will rise upon it, and serve it very hot with fried or toasted bread. Where the flavour is approved, two ounces of onions, minced and fried a light brown, may be added to the soup, and stewed in it for ten minutes before it is sent to table.

Potatoes, 3 lbs.; broth, 2 quarts: 5 minutes. (With onions, 2 ozs.:) 10 minutes.

Apple Soup. (Soupe A La Bourguignon.)

Clear the fat from five pints of good mutton-broth, bouillon, or shin of beef stock, and strain it through a fine sieve; add to it, when it boils, a pound and a half of good pudding apples, and stew them down in it very softly, to a smooth pulp; press the whole through a strainer, add a small teaspoonful of powdered ginger, and plenty of pepper, simmer the soup for a couple of minutes, skim, and serve it very hot, accompanied by a dish of rice, boiled as for curries.

Broth, 5 pints; apples, 1 1/2 lb.: 25 to 40 minutes. Ginger, 1 tea-spoonful; pepper, 1/2 teaspoonful: 2 minutes.

Veal Soup

Take four pounds of a knuckle of veal, break, and cut it small, put it into a stew-pan with two gallons of water; when it boils, skim it, and let it simmer till reduced to two quarts; strain, and season it with white pepper, salt, a little mace, a dessertspoonful of lemon juice, and return it to the pot, adding two onions finely minced, a head of celery, and a turnip cut in small pieces. Let it simmer about half an hour longer, thicken it with a large tablespoonful of flour kneaded with an ounce of butter.

Brown Rabbit Soup

Cut down into joints, flour, and fry lightly, two full grown, or three young rabbits; add to them three onions of moderate size, also fried to a clear brown; on these pour gradually seven pints of boiling water, throw in a large teaspoonful of salt, clear off all the scum with care as it rises, and then put to the soup a faggot of parsley, four not very large carrots, and a small teaspoonful of peppercorns; boil the whole very softly from five hours to five and a half; add more salt if needed, strain off the soup, let it cool sufficiently for the fat to be skimmed clean from it, heat it afresh, and send it to table with sippets of fried bread. Spice, with a thickening of rice-flour, or of wheaten flour browned in the oven, and mixed with a spoonful or two of very good mushroom catsup, or of Harvey's sauce, can be added at pleasure to the above, with a few drops of eschalot-wine, or vinegar; but the simple receipt will be found extremely good without them.

Rabbits, 2 full grown, or 3 small; onions fried, 3, middling-sized: water, 7 pints; salt, 1 large teaspoonful or more; carrots, 4; faggot of parsley; peppercorns, 1 small teaspoonful; 5 to 5 1/2 hours.