Stir into the third of a pint of good melted butter from three to four dessertspoonsful of capers; add a little of the vinegar, and dish the sauce as soon as it boils. Keep it stirred after the berries are added: part of them may be minced, and a little Chili vinegar substituted for their own. Pickled nasturtiums make a very good sauce, and their flavour is sometimes preferred to that of the capers. For a large joint, increase the quantity of butter to half a pint.

Melted butter, third of pint; capers, 3 to 4 dessertspoonsful.

Brown Caper Sauce

Thicken half a pint of good veal or beef gravy as directed for Sauce Tournée, and add to it two tablespoonsful of capers, and a dessertspoonful of the pickle liquor, or of Chili vinegar, with some cayenne if the former be used, and a proper seasoning of salt.

Thickened veal, or beef gravy, 1/2 pint; capers, 2 tablespoonsful; caper-liquor or Chili vinegar, 1 dessertspoonful.

Caper Sauce For Fish

To nearly half a pint of very rich melted butter add six spoonsful of strong veal gravy or jelly, a tablespoonful of essence of anchovies, and some Chili vinegar or cayenne. When there is no gravy at hand substitute a half wineglassful of mushroom catsup, or of Harvey's sauce; though these deepen the colour more than is desirable.