Lemon Pickle Or Catsup

Either divide six small lemons into quarters, remove all the pips that are in sight, and strew three ounces of salt upon them, and keep them turned in it for a week, or, merely make deep incisions in them, and proceed as directed for pickled lemons. When they have stood in a warm place for eight days, put into a stone jar two ounces and a half of finely scraped horseradish, and two ounces of eschalots, or one and a half of garlic; to these add the lemons with all their liquor, and pour on them a pint and a half of boiling vinegar in which half an ounce of bruised ginger, a quarter ounce of whole white pepper, and two blades of mace have been simmered for two or three minutes. The pickle will be fit for use in two or three months, but may stand four or five before it is strained off.

Small lemons, 6; salt, 3 ozs.: 8 days. Horseradish, 2 1/2 ozs.; escha-ots, 2 ozs., or garlic 1 1/2 oz.; vinegar, 1 1/2 pint; ginger, 1/2 oz.; whole white pepper, 1/4 oz.; mace, 2 blades: 3 to 6 months.

Pontac Catsup For Fish

On one pint of ripe elderberries stripped from the stalks, pour three-quarters of a pint of boiling vinegar, and let it stand in a cool oven all night; the next day strain off the liquid without pressure, and boil it for five minutes with a half-teaspoonful salt, a small race of ginger, a blade of mace, forty corns of pepper, twelve cloves, and four eschalots. Bottle it with the spice when it is quite cold.

Bottled Tomatoes, Or Tomato Catsup

Cut half a peck of ripe tomatoes into quarters; lay them on dishes, and sprinkle over them half a pound of salt. The next day drain the juice from them through a hair-sieve into a stewpan, and boil it half an hour with three dozens of small capsicums, and half a pound of eschalots ; then add the tomatoes, which should be ready pulped through a strainer. Boil the whole for thirty minutes longer; have some clean bottles, kept warm by the fire, fill them with the catsup while it is quite hot; cork, and rosin them down directly.

Tomatoes, 1/2 peck; salt, 1/2 lb.; capsicums, 3 doz.; eschalots, 1/2 lb.: 1/2 hour. After pulp is added, 1/2 hour.


This receipt has been kindly contributed by a person who makes by it every year large quantities of the catsup, which is considered excellent: for sauce, it must be mixed with gravy or melted but ter. We have not ourselves been able to make trial of it

Compound, Or Cook's Catsup

Take a pint and a half of mushroom catsup when it is first made, and ready boiled (the double is best for the purpose), simmer in it for five minutes, an ounce of small eschalots or onions, nicely peeled; add to these half a pint of walnut catsup, and a wineglassful of cayenne vinegar,* or of Chili vinegar; give the whole one boil, pour it out, and when cold, bottle it with the eschalots.

Mushroom catsup, 1 1/2 pint; eschalots or onions, 1 oz.; walnut catsup or pickle, 1/2 pint; cayenne or Chili vinegar, 1 wineglassful.