White Mushroom Sauce

Cut off the stems closely from half a pint of small button mushrooms; clean them with a little salt and a bit of flannel, and throw them into cold water, slightly salted, as they are done; drain them well, or dry them in a soft cloth, and throw them into half a pint of boiling béchamel (see page 93), or of white sauce made with very fresh milk, or thin cream, thickened with a tablespoonful of flour, and two ounces of butter. Simmer the mushrooms from ten to twenty minutes, or until they are quite tender, and dish the sauce, which should be properly seasoned with salt, mace, and cayenne.

Mushrooms, 1/2 pint; white sauce, 1/2 pint; seasoning of salt, mace, and cayenne: 10 minutes.

Another Mushroom Sauce

Prepare from half to a whole pint of very small mushroom-buttons with great nicety, and throw them into as much sauce tournée; when they are tender add a few spoonsful of rich cream, give the whole a boil, and serve it. Either of these sauces may be sent to table with boiled poultry, breast of veal, or veal-cutlets: the sauce tournée should be thickened rather more than usual when it is to be used in this receipt.

Mushrooms and sauce tournée each 1/2 to whole pint: stewed till tender. Cream, 4 to 8 tablespoonsful.

Brown Mushroom Sauce

Very small flaps, peeled and freed entirely from the fur, will answer for this sauce. Leave them whole, or quarter them, and stew them tender in some rich brown gravy; give a full seasoning of mace and cayenne, add thickening, and salt if needed, and a tablespoonful of good mushroom catsup.