Raspberry Jam

Bruise gently, with the back of a wooden spoon, six pounds of ripe and freshly-gathered raspberries, and boil them over a brisk fire for twenty-five minutes; stir to them half their weight of good sugar, roughly powdered, and when it is dissolved, boil the preserve quickly for ten minutes, keeping it well stirred and skimmed. When a richer jam is wished for, add to the fruit at first its full weight of sugar, and. boil them together twenty minutes.

Raspberries, 6 lbs.: 25 minutes. Sugar, 3 lbs.: 10 minutes.

Good Red Or White Raspberry Jam

Boil quickly, for twenty minutes, four pounds of either red or white sound ripe raspberries in a pound and a half of currant-juice of the same colour; take the pan from the fire, stir in three pounds of sugar, and when it is dissolved, place the pan again over the fire, and continue the boiling for ten minutes longer: keep the preserve well skimmed and stirred from the beginning.

Raspberries, 4 lbs.; currant-juice, 1 1/2 lb.: 20 minutes. Sugar, 3 lbs.; 10 minutes.

Raspberry Jelly For Flavouring Creams

Take the stalks from some quite ripe, and freshly-gathered raspberries, stir them over the fire until they render their juice freely, then strain and weigh it; or press it from them through a cloth, and then strain it clear; in either case boil it for five minutes after it is weighed, and for each pound stir in a pound and a quarter of good sugar, reduced quite to powder, sifted, and made very hot; boil the preserve quickly for five minutes longer, and skim it clean. The jelly thus made will sufficiently sweeten the creams without any additional sugar.

Juice of raspberries, 4 lbs.: 5 minutes. Sugar, made hot, 5 lbs.: 5 minutes.

Another Raspberry Jelly. ( Very Good.)

Bruise the fruit a little, and draw the juice from it by four or five minutes gently simmering; strain and weigh it, boil it quickly for twenty minutes, draw it from the fire; add three-quarters of a pound of good sugar for each pound of juice, and when this is dissolved, place the pan again on the fire, and boil the preserve fast from twelve to fifteen minutes longer; skim it thoroughly, and keep it well stirred. This jelly is infinitely improved in colour and in firmness, though not perhaps in flavour, by mixing with the raspberry juice one-fourth, or even as much as a third of the juice of ripe white currants: the preserve will then require rather less boiling. When it jellies in falling from the spoon or skimmer, it is done. Nothing of tin or iron should be used in making it, as these metals will convert its fine red colour into a dingy purple.

Fruit, simmered 5 to 6 minutes. Juice of raspberries, 4 lbs.: 20 minutes. Sugar, 3 lbs.: 12 to 15 minutes. Or, juice of raspberries, 4 lbs.; juice of white currants, 2 lbs.: 20 minutes. Sugar, 4 1/2 lbs.: 10 minutes, or less.