Strawberry Jam

Strip the stalks from some fine scarlet strawberries, weigh, and boil them for thirty-five minutes, keeping them very constantly stirred; throw in eight ounces of good sugar, beaten small, to the pound of fruit, mix them well off the fire, then boil the preserve again quickly for twenty-five minutes. One pound of white currant-juice added in the first instance to four of the strawberries, will greatly improve this preserve, which will be quite firm, and sufficiently, but not over sweet Strawberries, 6 lbs.: 35 minutes. Sugar, 3 lbs.: 25 minutes. Or:

• The dishes on which they are laid should be changed daily.

strawberries, 4 lbs.; currant-juice, 1 lb.: 30 to 35 minutes. Sugar, 2 1/2 lbs.: 25 minutes.


We do not think it needful to give directions with each separate receipt for skimming the preserve with care, and keeping it constantly stirred, but neither should in any case be neglected.

Strawberry Jelly

This, when made with fine, full-flavoured, scarlet strawberries, is a very delicious preserve, and is by many persons preferred to guava jelly, which it greatly resembles. Stalk the fruit, bruise it very slightly, and stir it for a few minutes over a gentle fire; strain it without pressure, weigh, and boil it quickly for twenty minutes in a German enamelled stewpan, or preserving-pan, if possible, that the colour may not be injured ; take it from the fire, and stir into it twelve ounces of sugar to the pound of juice; when this is dissolved, boil it again quickly for twenty minutes, clear it perfectly from scum, and pour it into jars or glasses. The preserve will be firmer, and require less boiling, if one-fourth of red or white currant juice be mixed with that of the strawberries, but the flavour will not then be quite so perfect. A superior jelly to this is made by taking an equal weight of juice and sugar, and by boiling the latter to candy-height, before the juice (which should previously be boiled five minutes) is added to it; and when they have been stirred together oft' the fire until this is entirely dissolved, boiling the whole quickly from ten to twenty minutes; the time required varying very much from the difference which is found in the quality of the fruit.

Fruit, simmered 4 to 5 minutes. Juice of strawberries,.4 lbs.: 20 minutes. Sugar, 3 lbs.: 20 minutes. Or, juice of strawberries, 4 lbs.: 5 minutes. Sugar, boiled to candy-height, 4 lbs.: 10 to 20 minutes.

Another Very Fine Strawberry Jelly

Express the juice from the fruit through a cloth, strain it clear, weigh, and stir to it an equal proportion of the finest sugar, dried and reduced to powder; when this is dissolved, place the preserving-pan over a very clear fire, and stir the jelly often until it boils; clear it carefully from scum, and boil it quickly from fifteen to twenty-five minutes.

Equal weight of strawberry-juice and sugar: 15 to 25 minutes.


This receipt is for a moderate quantity of the preserve: a very small portion will require much less time.

How To Preserve Strawberries Or Raspberries, For Creams Or Ices, Without Boiling

Let the fruit be gathered in the middle of a warm day, in very dry weather; strip it from the stalks directly, weigh it, turn it into a bowl or deep pan, and bruise it gently; mix with an equal weight of fine dry sifted sugar, and put it immediately into small, wide-necked bottles; cork these firmly without delay, and tie bladder over the tops. Keep them in a cool place, or the fruit will ferment. The mixture should be stirred softly, and only just sufficiently to blend the sugar and the fruit. The bottles must be perfectly dry, and the bladders, after having been cleaned in the usual way, and allowed to become nearly so, should be moistened with a little spirit on the side which is to be next to the cork.

Unless these precautions be observed, there will be some danger of the whole being spoiled. Equal weight of fruit and sugar.