Chop, not very fine, one pound of lean pork with two pounds of the inside fat; strew over and mix thoroughly with them three teaspoonsful of salt, nearly half as much pepper, a half-teaspoonful of mixed parsley, thyme, and sage (and sweet-basil, if it can be procured), all minced extremely small. Press the meat closely and evenly into a shallow tin, - such as are used for Yorkshire puddings will answer well, - and bake it in a very gentle oven from an hour to an hour and a half: it is served cold, in slices. Should the proportion of fat be considered too much, it can be diminished on a second trial.

Minced mushrooms or truffles may be added with very good effect to all meat-cakes, or compositions of this kind.

Lean of pork, 1 lb.; fat, 2 lbs.; salt, 3 teaspoonsful; pepper, 1 1/2 tea-spoonful; mace, 1/2 teaspoonful; nutmeg, 1 small; mixed herbs, 1 large tablespoonful: 1 to 1 1/2 hour.

[Pickled pork takes more time than other meat. If you buy your pork ready salted, ask how many days it has been in salt; if many, it will require to be soaked in water before you dress it. When you cook it, wash and scrape it as clean as possible; when delicately dressed, it is a favourite dish with almost every body. Take care it does not boil fast; if it does, the knuckle will break to pieces before the thick part of the meat is warm through; a leg of seven pounds takes three hours and a half very slow simmering. Skim your pot very carefully, and when you take the meat out of the boiler, scrape it clean.

The proper vegetables are parsnips, potatoes, turnips, or carrots. Some like cabbage, but it is a strong, rank vegetable, and does not agree with a delicate stomach.]