An Excellent Lemon Pudding

Beat well together four ounces of fresh butter, creamed, and eight of sifted sugar; to these add gradually the yolks of six and the whites of two eggs, with the grated rind and the strained juice of one large lemon: - this last must be added by slow degrees, and stirred briskly to the other ingredients. Bake the pudding in a dish lined with very thin puff-paste for three-quarters of an hour, in a slow oven.

Butter, 4 ozs.; sugar, 1/2 lb.; yolks of 6, whites of 2 eggs; large lemon, 1: 3/4 hour, slow oven.

Another Lemon Pudding. (Good.)

Stir over a slow fire until they boil, four ounces and a half of butter with seven ounces of pounded sugar, then pour them into a dish and let them remain until cold, or nearly so. Mix very smoothly a large dessertspoonful of flour with six eggs that have been whisked and strained; add these gradually to the sugar and butter, with the grated rinds and the juice of two moderate-sized lemons; put a border or a lining of puff-paste to the pudding, and bake it for an hour in a gentle oven.

Butter, 4 1/2 ozs.; sugar, 7 ozs.; flour, 1 large dessertspoonful; eggs, 6; lemons, 2: 1 hour, gentle oven.


The proportion of butter in these puddings is less than is commonly used for them, but a larger quantity renders them so unwhole-somely rich that they are usually preferred with less. When a very powerful flavour of the fruit is liked, an additional lemon may be used in either of these receipts. The rinds may be rasped on part of the sugar, instead of being grated. A couple of sponge-biscuits soaked in cream, then pressed dry, and very finely bruised, can be substituted for the flour.

Lemon Suet-Pudding

To eight ounces of finely-grated bread-crumbs, add six of fresh beef kidney-suet, free from skin, and minced very small, three and a half of pounded sugar, six ounces of currants, the grated rind and the strained juice of a large lemon, and four full-sized or five small well-beaten eggs; pour these ingredients into a thickly-buttered pan, and bake the pudding for an hour in a brisk oven, but draw it towards the mouth when it is of a fine brown colour. Turn it from the dish before it is served, and strew sifted sugar over it or not, at pleasure: two ounces more of suet can be added when a larger proportion is liked. The pudding is very good without the currants.

Bread-crumbs, 8 ozs.; beef-suet, 6 ozs.; pounded sugar, 3 1/2 ozs.; lemon, 1 large; currants, 6 ozs.; eggs, 4 large, or 5 small: 1 hour, brisk oven.