Muffins are baked on a hot iron plate, and not in an oven. To 3 quarter of a peck of flour add three-quarters of a pint of yeast, four ounces of salt, and as much water (or milk) slightly warmed, as is sufficient to form a dough of rather a soft consistency. Small portions of the dough are then put into holes, previously made in a layer of flour about two inches thick, placed on a board, and the whole is covered up in a blanket, and suffered to stand near a fire, to cause the dough to rise; when this is effected, they will each exhibit a 6emi-globular shape; they are then placed on a heated iron plate, and baked; when the bottoms of the muffins begin to acquire a brownish colour, they are turned, and baked on the opposite side.

Wheat Muffins

Melt a small piece of butter into a quart of milk, and set it aside until cold - beat four eggs very light, and make a batter by adding alternately and very gradually a little milk and a little flour, until the batter is of the proper consistence, which is quite thin - then add a large spoonful of yeast, if you do not use the powders. Bake them in muffin-rings on a griddle, and butter them before serving - they must be torn asunder to butter, as cutting them open renders them heavy.

Rice Muffins

Rice muffins are made in the same manner exactly as rice cakes, except that the batter of the former is thinner - that is, to a quart of milk and three eggs, you put less rice and less flour.