Sift two pounds and a quarter of fine dry flour, and break into it one pound of butter, work them together with the fingers until they resemble fine crumbs of bread, then add a small teaspoonful of salt, and make them into a firm paste, with the yolks of four eggs, well beaten, mixed with half a pint of cold water, and strained: or for a somewhat richer crust of the same kind, take two pounds of flour, one of butter, the yolks of four eggs, half an ounce of. salt, and less than the half-pint of water, and work the whole well until the paste is perfectly smooth.

Flour, 2 1/4 lbs.; butter, 1 lb.; salt, 1 small teaspoonful; yolks of eggs, 4; water, 1/2 pint. Or; flour, 2 lbs.; butter, 1 lb.; yolks of eggs, 4; water, less than 1/2 pint.