Break very small, six ounces of butter into a couple of pounds of fine dry flour, and mix them into a lithe paste, with two tablespoonsful of mild beer-yeast, three well-beaten eggs, and nearly half a pint of warm new milk. When it has risen to its full height knead it smooth, and make it into very small loaves or thick cakes, cut with a round cake-culter; place them on a floured tin, and let them stand in a warm place, to prove, from ten to twenty minutes before they are set into the oven. Bake them about a quarter of an hour; divide them while they are still warm, and put them into a very slow oven to dry. When they are crisp quite through, they are done. Four teaspoonsful of sifted sugar must be added when sweetened rusks are preferred.

Flour, 2 lbs.; butter, 6 ozs.; yeast, 2 tablespoonsful; eggs, 3; new milk, nearly half a pint; baked 1/4 hour.