Melt together over a slow fire two ounces of fresh butter cut small, and four of pounded sugar; pour them out when they have boiled for a couple of minutes, and let them cool; mix with them two ounces of finely-grated cocoa-nut, an ounce of citron shred small, the grated rind of half a large lemon, and four eggs: when these have been well beaten together, add the strained juice of the half lemon; put the mixture into buttered pattypans, or pudding-cups, sift sugar over, and bake them half an hour in a moderate oven. This is an excellent and a perfectly new receipt; but in making use of it care should be taken to ascertain that the nut be fresh and sweet flavoured, as the slightest degree of rancidity will spoil the puddings. They are better hot than cold, though very good either way.

Fresh butter, 2 ozs.; pounded sugar, 1/4 lb.; cocoa-nut, 2 ozs.; candied citron, 1 oz.; rind and juice of 1/2 lemon; eggs, 4: 1/2 hour.


The same ingredients may be made into one pudding only, and longer baked.