Grate very lightly six ounces of the crumb of a stale loaf, and put it into a deep dish. Dissolve in a quart of cold new milk four ounces of good Lisbon sugar; add it to five large, well-whisked eggs; strain, and mix them with the bread-crumbs; stir in two ounces of a fresh finely-grated cocoa-nut; add a flavouring of nutmeg or of lemon-rind, and the slightest pinch of salt; let the pudding stand for a couple of hours to soak the bread; and bake it in a gentle oven for three quarters of an hour: it is excellent if carefully made, and not too quickly baked. When the cocoa-nut is not at hand, an ounce of butter just dissolved, should be poured over the dish before the crumbs are put into it; and the rind of an entire lemon may be used to give it flavour; but the cocoa-nut imparts a peculiar richness when it is good and fresh.

Bread-crumbs, 6 ozs.; new milk, 1 quart; sugar, 4 ozs.; eggs, 5; cocoa-nut, 2 ozs.; (or rind, 1 large lemon, and 1 oz. butter) slightest pinch of salt: to stand 2 hours. Baked in gentle oven full 3/4 hour.


When a very sweet pudding is liked, the proportion of sugar may be increased.