First Day

Baked Macaroni in Cream or Tomato Sauce

Bread and Butter or Cream

Whole Wheat Wafers Apples and Oranges

Second Day

Corn Omelet Whole Wheat Gems Apple Sauce

Graham Sticks

Third Day

Rye Meal Porridge-Nut or Dairy Cream Beaten Biscuit Fresh or Canned Blueberries

Molasses Cookies

Fourth Day

Soft Poached Eggs on Broiled Trumese or

Cutlets of Roast with Brown Gravy

Parker House Rolls Cranberry Sauce Crisps

Fifth Day

Cutlets of Corn Meal Porridge or

Rhode Island Johnny Cakes with Gravy No. 44 or 50

Scrambled Eggs

Bread and Butter or Cream

Graham Sticks Bananas

(Cutlets plain at first and with maple syrup at last of meal)

Sixth Day

Trumese Hash Swedish Milk Biscuit

Baked Doughnuts Cereal Coffee

(Cream Toast may be added)

Seventh Day

Nut Rolls

Canned Peaches or Baked Sweet Apples with or without Almond or Dairy Cream

Apples or Bananas Fruit Bars or Wafers

(Granella with cream or hot milk may be added)