Egg for dipping croquettes should be slightly beaten with a pinch of salt and 1 teaspn. to 1 tablespn. of water to each egg.

The whites of eggs alone (beaten just enough to mix with the water), also yolks alone or crumbs without egg may be used.

Crumbs may be cracker, zwieback, dry bread or granella. Corn meal, flour, or a mixture of crumbs and flour are used for dipping. For vegetable and cereal croquettes, the nut meals are excellent.

Mix fine chopped onion and parsley with egg or crumbs sometimes for croquettes.

Full directions for shaping and baking are given with trumese croquettes.

Suitable croquettes or patties may be served on beds of pilau, or on plain boiled rice with gravy, or with macaroni in cream sauce, and some are used as garnishes or accompaniments for true meat dishes.